Why are we called AVENIR?

The brand name Avenir is made up of the initial letters of the following German words:

  • 1111
The Origin of AVENIR
“We, as adults, have been through the kid phase, yet we never really understand the world of children.”

——The Founding of Avenir was inspired by the well-known fairy tale The little Prince

Back in 1942, the famous French writer Saint-Exupéry published the fairy tale story The little Prince, whose influence is tremendously big  on a global scale. With the sincere words of  the author Saint-Exupéry, kids in 160 plus countries were deeply resonated by, adults from all around the world started to rethink about the childhood they lost.

The R&D team of Avenir was inspired by  The little Prince, they did some research on children in different ages.  Eventually they found out the key to help adults getting closer to kids and protecting their  “one of a kind” characters deep down.

2014, Avenir was officially registered in Germany, the team put out a long term and globalized brand idea: Be Creative,Be Unique. (Means every kid is outstanding and creative, also unique).

Based on this philosophy of our brand, every of our product is essentially different with any other toys in the market. Avenir rejects to limit the ways how children operate their toys, instead it provides an artistic toy to let children try and discover, also create in different train of thoughts and ways. In this way they can keep a curious and creative mind forever; only in this process of “creating” art & craft toys, children can get to know themselves, express themselves. This is the process of being a better version of themselves.