Commitment to Philantropy

May, our founder, has always been committed to philanthropy - as an example, in 2013, toegther with a friend May initiated and funded poverty relief and education in a small town of Qinghai Plateau, China since 2013, and this continues today.


2020 is a year full of disasters in the world. Avenir founder May and Avenir team members wanted to do something meaningful for the little animals who suffered in the big fire in Australia. In October, Avenir cooperated with Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization WIRES ( through the efforts of our Australia distributor partner to participate in the protection and rescue of koalas.


As start, we have reached an agreement for cooperation for our Koala with Heart sewing dolls to support 3 major Koala projects that WIRES are running:

1) Ongoing research to support Koalas

2) Providing water to Koalas in need and

3) Rehabilitation for injured Koalas. 


We are very happy that as a brand we have the opptunity to support such a worthwhile cause and charity, particularly as wildfires in the Australian bush are devastating the natural habitat of these sweet animals.